#Spotlight: What do the terms under 'Nature of harassment' mean?

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This is how sexual misconduct and harassment have been classified under the category 'Nature of harassment' in the data: 


Incidents when the perpetrator touched the survivor complainant without consent, tried to “feel” them up, forceful hugging, putting their hands on the complainants thighs, breasts, rubbing their body.

Sexual assault

Forceful groping, sexual intercourse or sexual activity that left the survivor bruised, injured

Unwelcome sexual advances

Making sexually coloured remarks, trying to get too close physically, talking in innuendos, making sexually inappropriate comments

Obscene behavior

Sharing nude pictures, appearing for an interview in a hotel room wrapped in a towel

Forced kissing

Kissing someone – on their face, mouth – without their consent

Persistent Pursuing

Relentlessly making a pass at someone, persistently expressing interest in someone even when they have expressed disinterest, stalking, emotional blackmail


Causing emotional, mental trauma at work or otherwise because someone is not giving into your advances


Staring at a person’s breasts, hips, or their bodies in a sexually suggestive manner that causes the survivor discomfort and/or shame